About Us

About us


Jenny’s Sweet Eats was born out of an idea to bring an innovative spin on pastry baking techniques.

Jenny, the founder, spent 2 years working in catering departments in various restaurants. And with various certifications from International chefs like Lebanese chef Karim Bourgi, French pastry chef; Ccecilé Moritel, and Russian chef Liselle, she has learned about various baking cultures.

Her passion for food continued to grow and in July 2018, an opportunity arose to take on a small space in Wuse II to turn her dream of opening a bakery into a reality. Through the help of a number of close friends and family, and many hours watching DIY videos on everything from plumbing to tiling, the doors opened in October 2018.

From our very first cake and croissant sold, Jenny’s Sweet Eats has evolved, so has our ever changing menu. We're continuously trying out new flavor combinations and techniques, so we can keep our offering exciting.